A Government recognized company, Mondair Tools is one of the largest Export companies based in India. Concentrated majorly on hand tools, the Company provides outstanding quality along-side unbelievably low pricing. All products sold by Mondair Tools are certified and in compliance with ISO – 9001:2015. Mondair Tools has had the privilege of serving the most quality conscious customers in the industry and over the years has built a reputation for itself for being an outstanding supplier source by incorporating quality, perfection, accuracy and precision in our products. We pride ourselves in satisfying our customers by providing customized service in all areas of our business, ranging from communication to the tiniest details of our products. Currently doing business in multiple countries—U.S.A, U.K, Mexico, Africa, China, Greenland—Mondair Tools is all about creating new relationships while sustaining old ones. Although Mondair Tools has become a huge corporation with offices overseas, it has not become oblivious to its community and its surroundings. The company is very active in making every effort to support the community’s youth and holds regular community events and seminars to inform and educate kids in terms of drugs and violence. Mondair Tools strongly believes in women empowerment, regularly hiring female personnel has led to women being a part of higher management at Mondair Tools Company.


To satisfy customers through quality products, timely delivery and competitive pricing.


At Mondair Tools we follow a strict code of ethics when it comes to our labor policy. We are fully covered under Labor Law and our Labor is fully paid as per minimum wages by Government of India. Child labor is strictly prohibited in our factory and is not acceptable in any form. The company’s management is constantly up to date and in compliance with labor safety rules and regulations. During working hours, all employees are equipped with shoes, ear plugs, gloves, eye glasses and helmets.


Mondair Tools and its promoters enjoy high credibility and trust from its Clients. Believing in its firm commitment to quality and efficiency, all leading to its ultimate goal of CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. The Company is designed to understand and deliver the needs of its Clients.


While thanking you for taking your time out to go through our brochure, we hereby extend our hand of friendship and commitment to becoming Business Partners so we may endeavor to build a strong and healthy relationship.